Domain Perrault-Jadaud

Domain Perrault-Jadaud
Du Vin aux liens Domaines Perrault Jadaud couple devant porte rose


Tanguy Perrault et Anne-Cécile Jadaud

Vouvray - 8 hectares

A graduate in philosophy, it was while “pruning the vine one weekend” at a Bordeaux winegrower’s that Tanguy Perrault took the turn to wine and began training in viti-oenology. From being a vineyard worker, he quickly became cellar master at Clos Baudoin, in Vouvray. Encouraged by his predecessor and his boss, he was persuaded to create his own estate. It was in 2008 and, starting from scratch, Tanguy accepted a job as a trainer at the Amboise wine school. This opportunity allowed him to finance his project and to meet some valuable people, including his partner. Anne Cécile, then a consultant oenologist and teacher, did not hesitate to take part in this project: they thus created the Perrault-Jadaud estate with a little less than one hectare.

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Year after year, the couple finds a few ares on the right and on the left: from 2 hectares in 2011, then 4 hectares in 2014, they have now reached 8 hectares. Spread over Vouvray, Noizay and Vernou sur Brenne, the vines are managed organically and some plots are ploughed with horses. As for the grape varieties, Chenin is the dominant one and is cherished by Tanguy. Anne-Cécile is more concerned with the reds from their Malbec plantations and her négociant business, created in 2018 to complete the range with Gamay, Cabernets and Pineau d’Aunis. While Tanguy clearly defends his preference for working with Chenin – dry as well as sweet or sparkling – and Cécile likes to pamper the reds instead, both share the desire to create harmonious and gourmet wines that express their own identity.


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