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From the wine, links were woven with friends, winegrowers, wine professionals, wine shop owners, importers, frank drinkers!

Du Vin aux Liens is a natural wine trade, yes a trade, and I am very proud of it. I have chosen to work alongside winegrowers who work with respect for life, passionate winegrowers whose quality and aesthetics I appreciate. I take part in the vinification of most of the cuvées, I add my grain of salt. I like to see us as partners. I am aware of the work that the vine requires, of the daily commitment of each of these winegrowers, of the risk taken by them when they vinify without a net. I am committed to promoting their work by making you discover their wines, by talking about each of them, by highlighting them thanks to the Du Vin aux Liens brand.

Du Vin aux Liens also allows me to offer you my first cuvées. I started vinifying in 2019 with a winemaker friend Claude Straub who has his estate in Blienschwiller in Alsace and I continue now with Farid Yahimi, Sons of Wine in Beblenheim. You know Tribute to Frida 2019, Lohduttava 2019, Le Gamay du Matin 2020, Wait wait wait 2020, … Since 2019 also, I have been making ciders with Farid, with apples from the family orchard in Brittany. These ciders are marketed in part through Du Vin aux Liens.

Discovering who I am
D u v i n ® A u x L i e n s ®

the winegrowers

Domain la pensée filante
Lou Chigard et Louis Lange
Domain de la table rouge
Claude Cabel-Airaud et Philippe Chigard
Domain des fosses rouges
Benoit Savigny
Domain des perrault-jadaud
Tangyu Perrault
Domain Alber Hertz
Albert et Frédéric Hertz
Domain Loberger
Jean-Jacques et Céline Loberger
Domain yannick Meckert
Yannick Meckert

The natural wine

Or better yet, the ``natural method wine``.

Organic and biodynamic viticulture

Pure juice

Living wines, wines without inputs

Manual harvesting

If in everyday language, we are talking about “natural” wine or natural wine, the official name is “Natural method wine”, recognized since April 2020. The “Natural method wine” label carried by the Union for the Defense of Nature Wines has was dubbed by the repression of fraud (DGCRRF) and Inao (national institute of origin and quality) in the form of a charter. A denomination which will henceforth frame the category of “natural” wines, the term being sometimes improperly used on bottles having made use of inputs.

We agreed on the following definition: an organic grape, a manual harvest, no inputs or technological intrusion. A specific category will allow the use of sulphites, up to a maximum of 30 mg / l “Jacques Carroget, winemaker and president of the union for the defense of natural wines. For more information, I invite you to visit the website of the union.

Du Vin aux Liens is a member of the union and although all of our wines meet the above definition, to date, we do not carry the label on our bottles. We will do it! Construction in progress.

Our wines

Alsatian and Ligériens wines