Portraits of winegrowers

Portraits of winegrowers

Partner winegrowers

They are committed winegrowers in the vineyard as well as in the cellar to produce the most natural wines possible. They practice organic and biodynamic viticulture. The soil is worked without chemicals and the vinification without inputs and without technological processes. The vines are pampered: herbal teas and prepared… The vinification is based on the intrinsic quality of the grapes and the care of the winegrower. I chose these winemakers because I appreciate their work and the aesthetics of their wines. I trained in Loire 5 years ago and that’s when I got to know Philippe Chigard, Benoit Savigny and Tanguy Perrault. As for Albert and Frédéric Hertz, Jean-Jacques and Céline Loberger and Yannick Mecker, winegrowers in Alsace, I have known them in recent years, while I was living in Alsace. I am particularly fond of these two wine regions for having lived there and well known their grape varieties and terroirs.

Our Nigerien partners:

Du vin aux liens Alsace Domaine table rouge
Domain de la Table Rouge
Claude Cabel-Airaud et Philippe Chigard

The Domaine de la Table Rouge is a micro estate: 80 ares, spread over 4 plots where there are Chenin vines ...

Du vin aux liens Alsace domaine de vin, cave à vin Perault
Domain Perrault-Jadaud
Tanguy Perrault et Anne-Cécile Jadaud

The Domaine de la Table Rouge is a micro estate: 80 ares, spread over 4 plots where there are Chenin vines ...

Domaine des Fosses Rouge
Domain des Fosses Rouge
Benoit Savigny

It was on the Sougé road, in the village of Trôo, that Benoît Savigny chose to build his cellar on the old Briqueterie ...

Domaine La Pensée Filante
Domain La Pensée Filante
Lou Chigard et Louis Lange

It was in Cernay, a few kilometers north of Tours, that Lou and Louis found a cellar to welcome the 2020 vintage ...


Our Alsatian partners :

Du Vin aux liens domaine Hertz coupes de vin
Domain Albert Hertz
Albert et Frédéric Hertz

It was in Eguisheim, in a house built in the middle of the 19th century, that the family ...

Du vin aux liens Alsace portrait loberger photo quatre personne et chien sur des palette de bois
Domain Loberger
Jean-Jacques et Céline Loberger

Built in the 1600s, the Loberger estate was a mixed farming farm until the 90s ...

Du vin aux liens Alsace Mecker, homme dégustant du vin photo noir et blanc
Domain Yannick Meckert
Yannick Meckert

Yannick Meckert works 4 hectares of vines and made 2020 his first vintage. After having trained on both sides of the world ...